Everything you ever (or never) wanted to know about Ava Films is right here.

1. What does "Ava" mean?

This beautiful word comes from the Iranian language and means melody, echo; reflection.

2. How do you determine the price of a package?

We try to price the packages reasonably, considering the equipment used and hours expended. The same goes if you opt to create your own package.

3. Once you quote me a price for my project, could that price go up or down?

Once we sign a contract together, the price will not change. However, if you decide to add more features, the contract will have to be revised.

4. How much of the project is based my vision, and how much is yours? Do I have a say in the creative process?

Part of what we do is listen to you. We will discuss your needs and desires, share our ideas, and come up with something that will truly fit who you are. Also, since we are filmmakers and creatives at heart, the end product will be a remarkable union of our experience and your personality!

5. What if something goes wrong, like our footage gets destroyed or lost?

This has never happened before! But if it does, we will fully refund your money.

6. Do we get just the edited footage, or the original too?

We can arrange to give you the original version if you wish.

7. What kind of equipment do you use?

The same high-quality cameras that we use for our feature films and documentaries (!). We have a Sony VX1000 3-chip camera with broadcast-quality images; a Canon XL1S, and another Panasonic camera. For editing, we use the latest version of the [award-winning] editing software, FinalCut Pro. Some of the latest Hollywood movies have been edited with FinalCut Pro, including "Cold Mountain."

8. Who is shooting my wedding?

All of our videographers are independent filmmakers with up to 25 years experience in filmmaking. Their passion for narrative and documentary filming will mean that your unique story will be told professionally, and artistically.

We capture your special moments.

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